‘Monkeying Around’ (The Original by Kay Bojesen) – The Production

‘Monkeying Around’  (The Original by Kay Bojesen) – The Production

‘Monkeying Around’ (The Original by Kay Bojesen) – The Production

Kay Bojesen’s Monkey comprises 31 parts and is made of limba wood and sustainable teak – every single member of the monkey family is produced in Denmark, and is absolutely unique.

In working with beloved design classics, we are upholding a design heritage that demands integrity in every aspect of the product. That means we have a strong focus on using sustainable wood to produce our monkeys.
The monkey is made from plantation teak – as a sustainable alternative to natural forest teak. This ensures responsible harvesting and better living conditions for the local people living near the plantations all over the world.

Quality requirements and special factors when using plantation teak
Freshly-cut plantation teak varies from wax-coloured to pale greyish green, sometimes speckled with dark spots or stripes. Our supplier focuses strongly on putting together the different colour variations as uniformly as possible. We always endeavour to match the arms and legs to the monkey’s torso colour, while the head is often darker than the rest of the monkey.

Given that we have chosen to work with plantation teak, the colour variations are unavoidable, so they are not regarded as a parameter of quality. The colour variations are a result of the choices we have made with regard to the sustainability and integrity in our production of the Kay Bojesen Monkey.
We are working constantly to source FSC-certified teak for the Monkey.
The actual parameters of quality with regard to the wood are a surface free from splinters, marks and splits, and only healthy knots are acceptable. No residual glue must ever be visible.

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The limba wood we use for the Monkey is imported from Africa and complies with the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) as a guarantee of lawfully harvested timber in the country of origin. We are working constantly to source FSC-certified limba wood for the Monkey.

The Monkey’s expression and “personality” develop over time
Over time, exposure to the light and the air may change the subtle shades of the teak to a more consistent, warm golden brown tone. However, every single Kay Bojesen Monkey will retain its absolutely unique personality.



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